Saturday, September 18, 2010

A letter to a Boogle

My darling Boogle,

This blog is now about you, about parenting, about life, about your younger sister, Wriggle, & how she develops & deal with life & also of your Daddy & I, but mostly about dealing with a child on the ASD spectrum.

Cause, my darling boy - you were unfortunately caught in the net of ASD.

And I use the word "unfortunately" rather loosely.

Because for everything that you are - NONE of that is "unfortunate".

You are loving & sweet & kind & funny & gentle (when you want to be) and your tantrums last all of 6 seconds. You're mostly a good sleeper and still have a 2hr afternoon nap (sometimes more, sometimes less), you love food & bananas & juice & books & your bear & Thomas & most of all, your Daddy. You want to learn lots & you want to hear "Good ______" lots more.

You like being rewarded with claps & kisses. You like learning new games. You LOVE being tickled. You love being squeezed till you can't breathe. You love being able to control your world - whether that be automatic doors or lights or opening/closing doors manually - you just want to control it... but it's never a "MUST" control - it's never the be all & end all - you NEVER throw tantrums that last more than 6 seconds.. (have I mentioned that already?)

I see "GV" children who throw these MONSTER tantrums - who slam doors & wail for HOURS - LOUDLY... and I know that's not you. That it's never been you & I hope it never will be you.

You have your negatives... you're speech is immature, you aren't toilet trained (yet), you can't do interactive play or imaginative play... (yet)... and now I can't think of any more...

But you LOVE your toys & your books. You love watching other children play. You squeal with delight when they play around you. You love cuddles & hugs & kisses & raspberry kisses & BIG hugs & rolling on the couch/floor with Daddy or getting up/down on the chair whilst I'm holding Wriggle.

You love banana milk & yoghurt & being able to feed yourself. You love the cats & being able to feed them. You LOVE rides in the car...


I remember when you were about 18 months old - you'd wake at o'god o'clock in the morning - one of us would stumble into your bedroom - you were awake & wanted to be up. Your first word... "Car?" *laughs* We'd say "no car now" and you'd be insistent "Car???" with this little high pitched squeak to the end of the word... You love nothing more than to get in that car & go ANYWHERE.

It hasn't changed & you still love outings.


  1. Beautiful. :-)

    My husband and I are on the Spectrum and so are our two children. I know it's not easy. I'd like to tell you it gets easier, but I think what it really gets is different. :-)

    For us though, it's still pretty wonderful. Good luck.

  2. I know I'm supposed to dread those times when Xander is older and awake at o'god o'clock but I'm really, really looking forward to it.