Thursday, October 28, 2010

Achievements in contact & speech - a congratulatory blog!

Last night, after Boogle's dad bathed him, threw him on the bed (because he LOVES that), I came in to say hello.  I could hear the giggling & the "ge-ge-gen" (again) as his dad repeatedly picked him up, and threw him back onto our big soft bed.

I leaned down to give that gorgeous little boy a kiss - he took my hands, pulled me closer & wrapped his arms around my neck.  ACTUALLY hugging me.  ACTUALLY & physically embracing me.  Not just a "head lean" like he normally does.  It's not a HUGE step forward - but sometimes our steps are simply baby steps...

Mind you, he's always been good with contact.  But this was just more active.

His new game (that he made up) is to ask for his dad "Dadadada", take his father by the hand, lead him over to the couch with Dad's back facing the couch and say "Daow" (Down) and then once his dad is sitting down - scrambles onto his lap for BIG hugs & squeezes!! ;)

However, Dad, Mum & Nana are the only 3 people he'll hug.  Faerie gets a kiss on the head/knee/back - but we get the full contact stuff.

His CASA teacher insists that he'll be speaking within 12 months - but I'm not so sure of that.  His dyspraxia keeps him already from pronouncing words properly.  It's not that he can't speak - just that he can't speak well.  He tries so hard.  Monday whilst having a few moments to eat my own breakfast (a crumpet with vegemite) Boogle comes up to me - looks at my plate, looks at my eyes "Mawww Mamamama" and looks at the plate again.  (What a win!!!)  So, what can a mother do but hand over her breakfast to her talking son!! ;)

I'm working F/T contract for 12 weeks to provide more money for our children.  I miss them so much but I want to give catch up a few debts so that we have more money in 2011 - and whilst it won't be much (due to the minimal hourly amount I'm being paid, it's better than a smack in the head with a wet fish!)

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  1. Fabulous news on these wonderful steps forward! Boogle sounds so gorgeous :)

    good luck with your working role, while it is better than a smack in the head with a wet fish, it is still very hard having to spend that much time away from your babies. I hope it goes quickly and makes the difference you need.

    Hugs are definitely medicinal!