Monday, October 11, 2010

Tomorrow, tomorrow, the world starts again tomorrow....

So tomorrow is the final assessment to the diagnosis of 1 Mr B Boogle and also a "is she or isn't she" for a little Miss Wriggle - who HATES sleeping during the day (gee she's 100% different to her brother in this aspect - he loves his sleeps!)

They're going to have a quick "informal" assessment of Miss Wriggle - to tell me if they have any "concerns" or not. I think "concern" is meant to be translated as "most possibly on the ASD Spectrum - but we're not going to say the words until it becomes official! So, I'm nervous for her - apparently it's only 1 in 10 girls who get ASD (so what's the stats for boys then?) Will have to ask more information about this tomorrow.

In Good News Department - Boogle had a few breakthroughs - 2 actually.  Here are the scenarios.

1. Boogle wants to play "Monkey" - he stands on the bed, holds my hands & starts jumping.
Mummy: Boogle, want to play "Monkey"
Boogle: ge-ge-geeee
Mummy: Okay, but you have to sing with me.
Mummy: <singing> One
Boogle: Cawww
Mummy: little Monkey
Boogle: ge-ge-geee
Mummy: jumping on the bed
Boogle: ehhhhh
Mummy: He fell down (down?)
Boogle: dowww
Mummy: And hurt his head
Boogle: (starts waving head from side to side)
Mummy: Mama
Boogle: Mumumumum
Mummy: called the doctor
Boogle: doh-doh
Mummy: and the doctor
Boogle: doh-doh
Mummy: said
Boogle: <freezes & looks straight at my eyes - anticipating the next move>

So, he's copying a LOT more.. YAY!!

Mummy: <holding his cup of warm banana milk>
Boogle: Cu Mooo Ta Mama
Mummy: <squees with joy>

Yup, he did it!! My little boy learnt a sentence we've been trying to teach him for MONTHS!! Sure, rote-learning & all... but hey... LEARNT & SPOKE the sentence without prompting (except for the cup of milk, of course)...

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